About LifePlan Cremations


LifePlan Crematorium, Inc. is family owned and operated. The entire Wilson family welcomes your families and is centered on their care and concerns.

As Arizona natives, we have seen the valley of the sun grow in many ways. Exceptional communities and high standards of service have made our cities some of most desired places to live. This is evident here at LifePlan Crematorium as well. Our desire to honor the grieving family and bring dignity to the deceased is reflected in every detail. We have raised the standard in cremation with current technology that reduces greenhouse gases. Every step of the cremation process is time stamped with our unique barcoding system, so a family can know their loved one is secure at all times. We also provide, when requested, a witnessing room that is both elegant and comfortable.

Turn around time is very important to us, the funeral director and mostly to familes of deceased loved ones. There is no reason for a family to wait for a week (or more) to receive their loved ones remains. Our commitment to service means that from the time that we receive the deceased and all signed authorizations, the funeral home will have the remains in 24-48 hours

Everyone has experienced the loss of someone close to them, and we here at LifePlan Inc. are no exception to this life event. It is why we go to such great lengths to help families during this stage of the grieving process. 

If you are a funeral director, Bryan, Scot & Doral Wilson invite you and your staff to visit LifePlan. We would love the opportunity for you to inspect our facilities and get to know us better. 

Please call and make an appointment to visit today!


Bryan Wilson, Owner/CFO